National Volunteer Week: WCH’s Association of Volunteers deepens its impact with a generous new gift

2018-04-09 2:43:42 PM

Building on over a century of caring, commitment and impact, Women’s College Hospital’s Association of Volunteers has announced that it has raised $20,000 to help WCH acquire a much-needed new piece of medical equipment – adding to their most recent gift of $1 million to help build WCH’s state-of-the-art new home.

The Association of Volunteers began over 100 years ago as the Cradle Club, a group of women who gathered together at the original site of Women’s College Hospital to rock babies, knit and sew baby clothes and raise funds to support the hospital’s equipment needs.

Today, the Association has nearly 200 members who are committed to ensuring an excellent experience for every patient who comes through the doors of WCH. Volunteers greet patients, provide information and directions and support the hospital’s clinics by helping to check patients in and answer any questions they may have.

The Association is now focusing its efforts on raising funds for priority equipment needs at WCH. Through sales from its book carts, raffles and two generous bequests left to the hospital by former Association members, the group raised $20,000 in 2017 to support the purchase of a cystoscope – a tube-like instrument equipped with a powerful microscope lens that allows physicians to examine the inner surfaces of the urinary tract. WCH Foundation has committed to securing matching funds for this generous donation to cover the full cost of the cystoscope.

The group also raised additional funds to help WCH’s Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Care Centre offer “comfort kits” to clients attending the clinic. Comfort kits include clothing, toiletries and other necessities that help give patients hope, dignity and a sense of well-being following an assault.

Anne McGuire, president of the Association of Volunteers, says that the group is proud to carry on its 100-year legacy of supporting WCH patients by contributing their time and fundraising for important needs that improve patient care.

“For generations, our impact has been focused on the patient experience, whether that means contributing to a warm and welcoming environment or raising funds,” she says. “We’re incredibly proud of that legacy and we’re looking forward to continuing to find new ways to deepen our contributions to the WCH community.”

National Volunteer Week kicks off on April 16! To learn more about the WCH Association of Volunteers and how you can get involved, please click here.