WCH’s new donor wall creates an inspiring space celebrating the impact of philanthropy.

2018-06-11 4:50:56 PM

“There is not a single corner of this hospital that the collective philanthropy of our supporters has not reached,” said Mary Dodd, Interim President and CEO of Women’s College Hospital Foundation. “We are a hospital built by a community for a community: women, men, marginalized communities – all of us in need of exceptional care, unique to our needs.”

The donor wall celebrates the philanthropy and impact of a community of donors who, together, raised $77 million to build the new Women’s College Hospital – the Hospital of the Future.  It is also paying tribute to the hundreds of donors who are now focusing their philanthropy on supporting the groundbreaking work being done within these walls.

It was the shared vision of an improved healthcare system for women and for all that inspired many of WCH’s donors to give. Within the walls of Women’s College Hospital, we are revolutionizing healthcare, something that cannot be done without our donors’ support.

Accompanied by an interactive screen, the digital wall allows visitors of the hospital to connect with the inspiring stories of the individuals, foundations and corporate partners whose support has played a unique role in building it. A searchable list provides access to a digital space where additional insight into our donors’ personal relationships with WCH can be found, and shares the intimate reasons why they were inspired to give.

The digital wall has also vastly increased our capacity to recognize members of our donor community.  Traditional recognition signage is limited to the confines of a physical plaque, but the new digital wall allows us greater flexibility when profiling donors of various kinds and giving levels. The ease of updating the content of the wall ensures we can continue to show our gratitude to existing donors, and share new stories from our donor community as it continues to grow.

 “When a donor chooses to make gift in support of Women’s College Hospital it is always meaningful. This new digital wall allows us to recognize the personal connection behind a gift - not just the financial contribution,” says Dodd. “It allows us to share why Women’s is so important.”

If the walls of Women’s College Hospital could talk, they would share our history of courage, tenacity and determination. Now, we have a wall that tells the story of our donors’ enduring generosity. We are so grateful to our supporters and friends, and extend our deepest thanks for their shared commitment to revolutionizing healthcare for all.

We welcome you to visit WCH and explore the impactful stories of our donor community. The digital recognition wall is located in the main elevator lobby of the Peter Gilgan Atrium at Women’s College Hospital.