Sue Williams's Story

"After my heart attack, WCH really gave me back my life and my lifestyle.”

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Sue Williams was enjoying a family trip to England when she suddenly began experiencing the early signs of a heart attack. As she was rushed to the hospital, Sue entered full cardiac arrest and died for a brief moment before being resuscitated. After spending several weeks in hospital and then at a relative’s home in the U.K., Sue returned home and immediately enrolled in Women’s College Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program to begin her long journey to recovery.

Sue’s heart attack came as a complete surprise. A nurse with a history of cardiac disease in her family, Sue had always closely monitored her heart and maintained a healthy lifestyle. At 60, she was in excellent shape and thought she had nothing to worry about when it came to her heart health.

“I went from quite fine to nearly dead in 30 minutes,” she says. At the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, Sue worked with a team of nurses and exercise specialists who helped her regain not only her health, but her strength and confidence.

“From my very first appointment, I felt both safe and energized,” Sue says.

“They offer more than just an exercise regimen; it’s a place to talk about how you’re going to feel, what you can expect and how the fears and doubts will change as you become strong again. Women’s College Hospital really gave me back my life and my lifestyle.” 

She is now committed to educating women about risk factors and warning signs, which can be dramatically different for women than for men.

“It could happen to you,” she says. “It’s important to understand your risk factors and make the necessary life modifications to minimize them. And don’t hesitate to seek medical treatment.”

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