Changing The Outcome of Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Genetic testing results may play a crucial role in determining the best breast cancer treatment plan to increase survival – but are not always available to women across Canada. A simple saliva test, done at the time of breast cancer diagnosis, can determine the presence of a mutation in the BRCA gene – drastically informing treatment decisions, and cutting a patient’s chance of dying in half.

Join philanthropist Colleen Moorehead in creating a shift in how women’s health is treated by supporting Women’s College Hospital’s Rapid Genetic Testing II Study (RGT2S). Women newly diagnosed with breast cancer do not need to be a patient of WCH to participate. The study provides free genetic testing for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer by method of a simple saliva test done at home. With an expedited turnaround time, this saliva test allows participants and their doctors to consider their testing results before making treatment plan decisions – allowing the best decisions to be made to optimally treat their breast cancer and prevent future cancers from occurring.

With support from our donor community, the RGT2S study has the potential to cause revolutionary change in the protocol that women’s cancers are treated, diagnosed, and prevented. We can give every woman, every chance to prevent and survive cancer.