David’s Story: Planning to make a difference

For many people, having children is the impetus for thinking about what comes after we’ve gone. But for David Aronoff, who doesn’t have kids, it was a question that arose while on a months-long backpacking trip in South Asia and India with his wife – what happens if something happens to us?

A long-time patient of Dr. Stephen Holzapfel at Women’s College Hospital’s Family Practice, David knew he wanted to give back to the place where he’s received wraparound care since 1987. “Women’s College Hospital is the perfect package deal,” said David. It’s a place where you see your trusted family doctor, have access to diagnostics, and can attend specialist referrals, all linked and connected. And it’s a place that constantly innovates to give the best care to its patients.

“Women’s College Hospital is already out there doing what the larger institutions are just thinking of doing. Everything everyone’s been talking about for only the last five years, I’ve experienced at Women’s for the last 30.”

 – David Aronoff, Women’s College Hospital Donor

Being an analytical person, David carefully planned a gift for Women’s College Hospital in his will to ensure he makes a difference for everyone else, even beyond his own lifetime. David has chosen to direct his legacy gift to the Family Practice Health Centre so others can experience the unparalleled and innovative care he’s received over the years.

The entire Women’s College Hospital family is incredibly grateful for David’s thoughtful and caring support. Thank you, David!

If you would like to learn more about how to make a gift in your will, or to plan for other future gifts such as a gift of securities, life insurance, or RRSPs/RRIFs, visit our Ways To Give page to get started.