Echelon Impact Day

Echelon Impact Day: Helping to address and prevent sex trafficking in Canada

On Thursday, October 7, 2021, Echelon Wealth Partners, a national Canadian independent wealth management and capital markets firm, partnered with the Human Anti-Trafficking Response Team (HART) Foundation and Women’s College Hospital (WCH) Foundation to host its first-ever Echelon Impact Day.

Benefitting WCH’s anti-trafficking efforts, advisors from across the country generously donated proceeds from trades made throughout the day, raising over $110,000 for this important initiative.

Sex trafficking, a form of human trafficking, is a growing concern in Canada despite clear indications that it is under-researched, under-reported, and has serious health and psychological consequences for victims. Gaps in research have resulted in little evidence to influence healthcare models and government policy, making it difficult to identify, support and counsel those who seek help.

To help close these gaps, WCH has established a vital new program of research to learn what is most needed, most helpful and most effective to support survivors. With generous support from Echelon, this program will help to lay the foundation for accessible, safe and trauma-informed care. This pioneering research will be overseen by prominent gender-based violence sector leaders and senior scientists at Women’s College Research Institute, Drs. Janice Du Mont and Robin Mason.

To celebrate their inaugural Impact Day, representatives from Echelon, WCH Foundation, HART Foundation and TMX Group joined together to close the Toronto market. You can watch a brief video of their celebration below:

Thank you, Echelon, for your leadership and partnership in addressing and preventing sex trafficking in Canada! We are so grateful.  

To learn more about Women’s College Hospital’s anti-trafficking program and make a donation today, please visit