Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024

The work of WCH simply wouldn’t be possible without champions like our donors in our corner. As Canada’s first and only standalone hospital focused on women’s health and equity, we are grateful to every member of our passionate community of advocates and allies for their continued support. 

“Women are unique. They come with unique biologies, disparities, and genetic makeups that deserve individualistic care, research, and education. At Women’s College Hospital (WCH), we provide women-centered care for women.” 

Leslie McCarley, President & CEO, Women’s College Hospital Foundation 

Philanthropy plays a pivotal role in bridging gender gaps in healthcare and driving meaningful change. Through generous contributions and strategic investments, WCH has been able to expand their patient reach, enhance medical services, and pioneer innovative approaches to address the diverse needs of women across all stages of life.  

Philanthropy has also been instrumental in driving research and innovation in women’s healthcare, leading to groundbreaking discoveries and treatments that have saved countless lives. By investing in cutting-edge technology and medical research, we are not only advancing the frontiers of science but also ensuring that women receive the highest standard of care available. This past year we welcomed the arrival of new breast imaging equipment funded by our donors and supporters, allowing WCH’s Breast Centre to conduct more than 6,500 breast screenings a year – an increase of approximately 1,000 screenings annually.

At WCH, we are committed to revolutionizing healthcare for women, and diversifying the current and future slate of doctors, researchers and scientists. According to Statistics Canada, women make up only 23% of science and technology workers among Canadians aged 25 to 64. As home to one of the only hospital-based research institutes in the world focused on the health of women – with women comprising over 60% of our scientists and 53% of our physicians – Women’s College Hospital is working to change that through our Emily Stowe Scholars Program.

“The future is promising. Women’s has a history of being provocative and making transformative change in our healthcare system.” 

Leslie McCarley, President & CEO, Women’s College Hospital Foundation 

In honour of International Women’s Day, invest in the future of women’s health by donating to Women’s College Hospital Foundation and help us continue to build a more inclusive, equitable and healthier world.  

Thank you for your continued support, and Happy International Women’s Day!