Introducing the Women’s Equitable Research Fund

Did you know that only 8% of Canada’s national funding goes towards women’s health research, despite women being 51% of the population? Healthcare for women and marginalized communities has long been deeply impacted by major gaps in research – gaps that threaten their well-being and survival; impacting real and dangerous consequences on the health of women and our communities at large. 

Introducing the Women’s Equitable Research Fund – a critical, donor-funded resource created by the Foundation designed to address the greatest needs of the Women’s College Research Institute (WCRI). 

With a vision to change practice, change policy, and change lives, WCRI is leading the way in closing the research gap for women and marginalized communities – in both data collection and representation – as one of only a few hospital-based research institutes in the world focusing on advancing healthcare for women. 

The pooled Women’s Equitable Research Fund provides evolving or short-term support on an ongoing basis that will allow the WCRI to continue their ground-breaking research into solutions that support the health and well-being of equity deserving communities everywhere.  

Closing the gaps within the healthcare system is within our reach, but we need your help. Each and every one of our Women’s Equitable Research Fund donors will have a transformational impact on our communities – one where women and marginalized members will feel seen, heard, and valued. Supporting WCRI is not only about a place, but a program that will touch women spanning from Atlantic Canada to BC, from Antarctica to Africa, all while shaping a future of healthcare that supports the wellbeing of women with the quality of life they need and deserve.