Nancy: Philanthropy Matters

“If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Our good health is our #1 asset, which is why I’m a huge champion for Women’s College Hospital and everything they do!” says Spirit of Life Society member Nancy Griffin, a powerful sentiment her mother instilled in her at an early age and one that she still carries with her today.  

A former private client wealth advisor, Nancy Griffin has been a catalyst for change when it comes to women’s health and wealth for decades. Realizing many of her female clients carried much of the weight of their family management, careers, and child-rearing responsibilities, Nancy was inspired to merge access to financial wealth management and personal wellness into one place. Through Women, Worth, & Wellness – a trademarked brand that she created and launched in 1992 – Nancy has been empowering women to take control of their wealth and health and inspiring women of all ages to enhance their economic power, independence and philanthropy.

Nancy believes that not only do health and wealth go hand in hand, but self-worth and net worth are co-dependent. “Self-worth comes from many things, especially having a say in decisions made, and having a seat and a voice at the table,” she says. “This goes a long way towards being a leader in your own life, family and community. Today, women have greater opportunities than ever before to grow and share their personal wealth. Helping other women do the same is extremely powerful.” Nancy is adamant that the opportunity to choose and design our personal philanthropy and legacy planning for maximum impact and personal self-actualization exists, for each of us.

It was this natural alignment between health and wealth that led Nancy to become a proud champion of Women’s College Hospital and an active member of Women’s College Hospital Foundation’s Spirit of Life Society – a community of supporters who have dedicated their generosity and future gifts to Women’s College Hospital as part of their legacy planning.

As a connector and influencer, Nancy has been involved in many events in support of Women’s College over the course of her nearly 30-year affiliation with the hospital, including spearheading the first ever charity golf tournament in support of the hospital in 1994, which became an annual event and a sold-out success in 1997 with 144 golfers – an event that she was extremely proud to initiate and host.

In addition to championing more Women, Worth and Wellness special events Nancy continues to build on the complete aspect of women’s health and wealth, net worth and self-worth, philanthropy and legacy planning. Nancy will be working with several nonprofit organizations, families, individuals, foundations, family offices and business owners to increase women’s philanthropy for women’s health and wellness, in her position as a Legacy Advisor to Accomplished Women. Aligning with her passions and values, Nancy chose to make her own legacy gift to Women’s College Hospital and encourages others to start the conversation about legacy planning early on, as well. She views it as an integral part of overall wealth planning, and an important opportunity to think about the leadership difference you can, and want, to make in the world.

When it comes to planning a legacy gift to a charity that you care about, Nancy shares: “Philanthropy Matters and Your Legacy Gift Matters, more than you know. You only live once (YOLO!), so please don’t delay in considering and discussing YOUR powerful gift. Just do it – you’ll feel fabulous when you do!”