Q&A with Camilla Sutton, BMO Capital Markets

Tell us about yourself and what you do at BMO Capital Markets?

I am a Managing Director (MD) in BMO Capital Markets Equity Research department. I am responsible for driving best-in-class research content, coordination and collaboration between groups and delivering excellence to clients.

Why are you raising your voice for women’s health at Women for Women’s?

Women experience different health challenges compared to others. In particular, we face unique diseases, symptoms and outcomes, and raising my voice for women’s health at Women for Women is an important way to move towards improved health outcomes for women.

In your professional career, what initiatives have you seen that have helped to create equity for women in the workplace?

There are three core ways that I have seen more equity for women at work. The first is a focus on building equity literacy through deep education. The second is through policy and processes that work to debias the system. Finally, an authentic commitment from leadership to drive equity within the firm is critical. Together, these three steps: education, policy, and leadership, will drive equity for women in the workplace.

Tell us more about why BMO Capital Markets has chosen to support Women’s College Hospital? 

Given BMO’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, the firm and its leadership knows that it is critically important to bring leaders together to learn about, talk about and support the future of health for women.