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Maria’s Story

Written by Aaron Lam “Knowledge is Power When it Comes to my Health”: How BEACON is Shining a Li

Virtual Innovations For Health System Solutions

COVID-19 opened the floodgates for virtual care in Canada when the pandemic began in 2020. The recep

The Revolutionaries

As Canada’s first and only standalone hospital focused on women’s health and equity, we are hono

Trailblazing the Next 140 Years

Building on our 140-year history as healthcare revolutionaries.

Ciro’s Story

Breaking down barriers to build up hope - providing care to newly arrived refugees.

Pam’s Story

In 2014, Pam’s mother-in-law suggested exploring what services were available at Women’s College

Jennifer’s Story

Survivor. Previvor. Teacher. A New Perspective on Life Thanks to Trauma Therapy.

A History of Looking Forward

As Women’s College Hospital (WCH) marks its 140th anniversary this year, it is a prime opportunity

A Window of Opportunity

Diabetes prevention and support as a key piece of postpartum care

Beating the Backlog

Addressing long waitlists for surgery.