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Noreen’s Story

How genetic testing helped her take control of her health.

Tanveer and her family

Tanveer’s Story

Tanveer’s Story: The expertise of a hospital. The comfort and safety of home.

a picture of louise

Louise’s Story

Meet Louise: How BETTER Women is Helping Women Feel Better 

a picture of charlyn

Charlyn’s Story

Charlyn’s Story: Helping childhood trauma survivors find life beyond PTSD

a picture of kevin

Kevin’s Story

How Women’s College Hospital has helped Kevin to be himself and live his truth.

a picture of janet macbeth

Janet Macbeth’s Story

"The fact that so many people care so deeply about this issue has been so inspiring."

a picture of jenny bird her mom and her baby daughter

Jenny Bird’s Story

Jenny Bird's Story: Encouraging Women to Advocate for their Health Needs

A picture of greg and 2 doctors

Greg Nemez’s Story

Greg's Story: WCH’s state of the art same-day surgery

a picture of rosalind and her personal trainer

Rosalind Gill’s Story

Rosalind's Story: Managing Pain and Story of Hope

a picture of Vincenza

Vincenza’s Story

Vincenza's Story: Women's Heart Health and a Stronger Recovery