Elle AyoubZadeh’s Story

“When women champion each other, the world becomes a better place.”

Elle AyoubZadeh says that her decision to support Women’s College Hospital was “a no-brainer.” Reflecting on the hospital’s impact, she says, “When women champion each other, the world becomes a better place. I have the luxury today of going to a hospital and being treated by a woman because women fought for that years ago. It gives me chills.” 

As a Women’s College Hospital (WCH) patient and as founder and creative director of Zvelle, a web-based luxury shoe company that celebrates women of all ages and stages, Elle wanted to give back to the hospital that shares her vision to empower and inspire women to live their best lives.

For 2016, Elle has named WCH as Zvelle’s charitable partner.

With every purchase, Zvelle will donate $10 will to advance the life-changing research and clinical programs taking place at Women’s College Hospital. To browse for your first or next pair of beautiful Zvelle shoes and support WCH, visit zvelle.com.

Elle’s own rise to success has been championed by the many strong women she counts among her mentors and investors. Born in Iran and raised by a single mom who moved the family to New Zealand to give her five children a better life, Elle is driven by a desire to make the most of the opportunities available to her. She has received invaluable guidance along the way from women like Colleen Moorehead, WCH Foundation donor, board member and chief client officer at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP. 

It was Colleen who introduced Elle to WCH and encouraged her to consider supporting the institution. In 2015, Zvelle generously sponsored the fifth annual Women for Women’s luncheon, WCH Foundation’s signature event attended by over 800 women from across the GTA. Inspired and energized by what she’s learned, Elle has generously committed to supporting WCH throughout 2016 in a variety of exciting ways. 

“Women have championed me and I want to make a difference for other women,” says Elle. “When I think of Women’s College Hospital, I think of my favourite quote by Isaac Newton – ‘If I have seen further it’s by standing on the shoulders of giants.’ We are all standing on the shoulders of women who fought for everything we take for granted. I want to help that cycle continue by giving back.” 

To learn more about Zvelle, visit www.zvelle.comBecome a monthly donor or honour a WCH caregiver, and become a part of the donor community like Elle that transforms the future of women’s healthcare.