Kay Miki’s Story

Ten years ago, Kay Miki was desperate for answers until she discovered Women’s College Hospital.

She’d been experiencing terrible stomach pains for two years but hadn’t been able to find a doctor who could tell her why.

“No one could figure out what was wrong,” she reflects in frustration. “They weren’t truly understanding what I was going through and couldn’t make a diagnosis.” 

Kay’s oldest daughter, Kelly, suggested that her mother try Women’s College Hospital. Kelly had recently seen a specialist there and was impressed by the care she’d received. 

Kay was quickly given an appointment at WCH’s Family Practice Health Centre, where a nurse practitioner listened closely to her concerns before referring Kay to the hospital’s gynecology clinic. There, she was advised that the pain she was experiencing wasn’t in her stomach – it was being caused by an issue with her ovaries. She underwent a procedure to have her ovaries removed, and her pain immediately disappeared.  

“I’m so grateful that they saw me and really listened to me” Kay says now. “Because they took the time to listen and get to the root of the problem, I no longer have to live with pain.”

Unfortunately, Kay’s struggle to find a doctor who would listen to her concerns and take her symptoms seriously is not uncommon. Studies have shown that women who report pain are often perceived as exaggerating and treated less aggressively, resulting in inadequate care that can prolong symptoms. 

With an approach to healthcare that addresses the unique needs and challenges faced by women, including the “communication gap” that Kay encountered, WCH’s world-renowned healthcare providers are leading the way in improving care for women and their families. 

Kay was so happy with WCH that, despite living in Mississauga, she decided to become a regular patient at the Family Practice Health Centre. For nearly a decade, Kay’s primary family physician has been Dr. Helen Batty, who is also a University of Toronto professor and founding director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre in Women’s Health. In fact, both of Kay’s daughters – and her grandchildren – are also now patients at the Family Practice Health Centre. 

Kay says that Dr. Batty is the best physician she’s ever had. “She communicates to us in way that we can understand, she’s kind, caring and patient – and always a great listener.” 

Several years ago, Kay decided to honour Dr. Batty by donating in her honour. “I’ve never had a doctor like her before, and that’s why I wanted to donate,” Kay says with gratitude. 

She hopes her regular donations will help Women’s College Hospital continue to change the lives of women like her and support the hospital’s commitment to providing the very best care. 

“You can’t find that kind of warmth anywhere else.” 

Has a Women’s College Hospital care provider made a difference in your life? Join Kay by saying thanks with a special donation in their honour! Visit givewiththanks.ca or contact Alex Cheesman at alex.cheesman@wchospital.ca or 416-323-6323 ext. 2319.