Margaret Chambers’s Story

“We women should support women’s organizations.”

Margaret Chambers learned the value of a good investment from her father at a very young age – they followed the stock market together and he encouraged her to invest as much as she could.   As a teenager, she made enough money in the market to buy a bicycle.

Margaret’s lifelong passion for investing led to a 28-year career with The Co-Operators, managing investments for the company and the pension fund. She has also been a member of the Soroptimist Club, a service organization for professional and executive women for 52 years.

Along with her other commitments, Margaret has been a strong supporter of Women’s College Hospital for many years.

“I like to support organizations where I know the people involved,” she explains. “There’s great support and talent at Women’s College Hospital.” She adds: “I think we women should support women’s organizations.”

In addition to making annual donations for almost three decades, Margaret has made generous gifts of securities to Women’s College Hospital Foundation, in effect, sharing her investment returns with a very worthy cause.

Giving securities can be an attractive option for any donor. Normally, when an investor sells shares that have grown in value, she has to pay tax on the increased value (capital gain) of the shares. If she donates the shares to a registered charity, she receives a tax receipt for the full market value of the shares and doesn’t have to pay the capital gains tax.

“We were waiting for this tax change for over 10 years.” Says Margaret.  “It’s a wonderful incentive for people like me to donate”.

Thank you, Margaret, for choosing to support Women’s College Hospital.

Leave a legacy like Margaret with a Gift of Securities. Your generous donation will help Women’s College Hospital continue to achieve extraordinary advancements in health for women and health system solutions for generations to come.