Michael J. Cooper & Dream Unlimited Corp.’s Story

This is a hospital that’s not afraid to do things differently.

Four minutes – that’s all it took for Michael J. Cooper, founder & CEO of award-winning real estate company Dream, to decide that he and Women’s College Hospital would have a future together.

He was on his first-ever tour of the WCH’s new building, and was completely taken aback by the hospital’s work to advance the future of healthcare.

“I was astounded by Women’s College Hospital’s unbelievably innovative approach to healthcare, patient care and research,” he says. “This is a hospital that’s not afraid to do things differently.”

Michael quickly realized that WCH and his own company have a lot in common: a passion for innovation, for doing things differently to address the challenges facing Canadians today.

He decided that not only did he want to make a major gift to help build the hospital’s new home; he wanted to explore the possibility of launching an unprecedented new partnership so that WCH and Dream could learn from each other.

On Monday, July 13, that partnership was formally announced by Women’s College Hospital Foundation. Marked by a major donation of $1 million jointly pledged by Michael and Dream, the new innovation partnership is seeing the two organizations exchange knowledge, ideas and best practices around topics such as innovation, leadership and risk management.

Two joint learning seminars and an education workshop have already been held, with key leaders from both WCH and Dream sharing their unique approaches to creating change and changing lives.

“This is a partnership that is not just about philanthropy, but about how we can literally work together to improve the lives of Canadians,” says Katherine Hay, president & CEO of Women’s College Hospital Foundation. “We are incredibly grateful to Michael and Dream for joining the WCH family as our friends and partners as we work toward a better future for Canada together.”

Welcome to the family, Michael and Dream!

Read the full announcement here. Learn more about becoming a Corporate Partner of WCH, and how your company will be widely recognized as a leader in the movement to invest in the future of health for women.