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a picture of thelma bacchus

Thelma Bacchus’s Story

"No matter what our healthcare concerns were, we have received nothing but exceptional care."

A picture of Zohrain and her kids

Zohrain’s Story

Sometimes all it takes to save a life is one simple question. Here, Zohrain shares her WCH story.

a picture of robyn and her daughter

Robyn Mercado’s Story

Robyn knew she'd do whatever it took to be there for her young daughter.

a picture of suzanne outside

Suzanne Lima’s Story

Suzanne credits WCH with catching her breast cancer early - and ultimately, saving her life.

a picture of bill thomas

Bill Thomas’s Story

"Women’s College Hospital’s model is a piece of the future."

a picture of marianne

Marianne Fedunkiw’s Story

Marianne shares her experiences in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, and the impact it’s had on

kirby and his family

Kirby Silverberg’s Story

Kirby's Story: Ray of Hope and the Decision to Move Forward

yolande in an office chair

Yolande Hirdaramani’s Story

Yolande credits WCH with connecting her to Canada as a new immigrant. Now, she's giving back.

vartouhi outside at an event

Vartouhi Jazmaji’s Story

“The people make Women’s College Hospital what it is"

shirley at an event

Shirley Brown’s Story

"A Chair in the Making" inspires many to make a difference for women with mental illness.