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A BEACON of Hope for Cardiac Health 

An innovative look at how combining key routine screenings can increase heart disease prevention for

Anna’s Story

When she heard the name of the hospital, Anna was filled with joy. “I thought, ‘Wow,’ I belong

The Future of Sex and Gender in Health Care Is Here

Fuelled by donor support, Women’s College Hospital (WCH) is set to open Canada’s first national

Celebrating the Inaugural Recipients of the Emily Stowe Scholars Program

The Emily Stowe Scholars Program strives to help emerging and established health care leaders identi

Kaitlin’s Story

After years of appointments and tests, Kaitlin finally received the diagnosis she had been searching

Dagny looking at the camera with a smile

Dagny’s Story

For Dagny, receiving a diagnosis for her mental illness has been nothing short of life changing.

Joycelyn’s Story

Joycelyn’s Story: Fighting for a Cancer Diagnosis During a Global Pandemic

Noreen’s Story

How genetic testing helped her take control of her health.

Tanveer and her family

Tanveer’s Story

Tanveer’s Story: The expertise of a hospital. The comfort and safety of home.

a picture of louise

Louise’s Story

Meet Louise: How BETTER Women is Helping Women Feel Better