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a picture of rosalind and her personal trainer

Rosalind Gill’s Story

Rosalind's Story: Managing Pain and Story of Hope

a picture of Vincenza

Vincenza’s Story

Vincenza's Story: Women's Heart Health and a Stronger Recovery

a picture of thelma bacchus

Thelma Bacchus’s Story

"No matter what our healthcare concerns were, we have received nothing but exceptional care."

A picture of Zohrain and her kids

Zohrain’s Story

Sometimes all it takes to save a life is one simple question. Here, Zohrain shares her WCH story.

a picture of robyn and her daughter

Robyn Mercado’s Story

Robyn knew she'd do whatever it took to be there for her young daughter.

a picture of suzanne outside

Suzanne Lima’s Story

Suzanne credits WCH with catching her breast cancer early - and ultimately, saving her life.

a picture of bill thomas

Bill Thomas’s Story

"Women’s College Hospital’s model is a piece of the future."

a picture of marianne

Marianne Fedunkiw’s Story

Marianne shares her experiences in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, and the impact it’s had on

kirby and his family

Kirby Silverberg’s Story

Kirby's Story: Ray of Hope and the Decision to Move Forward

yolande in an office chair

Yolande Hirdaramani’s Story

Yolande credits WCH with connecting her to Canada as a new immigrant. Now, she's giving back.