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dr hill with an award

Dr. F. M. Hill’s Story

Celebrating a trailblazer whose patient-centred approach to care continues to define WCH today. When

Heather at her desk

Dr. Heather Morris’s Story

It only took a few short years for Dr. Heather Morris to figure out she was in for a lifetime. The r

colleen at desk

Colleen Moorehead’s Story

“I think we all have a requirement to invest in our health and invest in our network.” M

A picture of Brianna outside

Brianna Varcoe’s Story

At just 10 years old, Brianna Varcoe is helping to save lives by advancing groundbreaking women̵

Bill outside

Bill Hughey’s Story

Bill leaves a future gift for WCH, a hospital that really cares. “I’ll be the guy with the 

Ann at a show

Anne Delicaet’s Story

Anne left a lasting legacy in support of cancer research at WCH Before Anne Delicaet passed away fro

Andrew Yeh

Andrew Yeh’s Story

Andrew’s passion and advocacy for women’s health inspires 20 Shoppers Drug Mart stores t

a picture of elle

Elle AyoubZadeh’s Story

“When women champion each other, the world becomes a better place.” Elle AyoubZadeh says

The Dawn Family

Dawn Levine’s Story

When Dawn heard from her doctor that she had experienced post-partum depression, it opened a door of


Kay Miki’s Story

Ten years ago, Kay Miki was desperate for answers until she discovered Women’s College Ho