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Ann at a show

Anne Delicaet’s Story

Anne left a lasting legacy in support of cancer research at WCH Before Anne Delicaet passed away fro

Andrew Yeh

Andrew Yeh’s Story

Andrew’s passion and advocacy for women’s health inspires 20 Shoppers Drug Mart stores t

a picture of elle

Elle AyoubZadeh’s Story

“When women champion each other, the world becomes a better place.” Elle AyoubZadeh says

The Dawn Family

Dawn Levine’s Story

When Dawn heard from her doctor that she had experienced post-partum depression, it opened a door of


Kay Miki’s Story

Ten years ago, Kay Miki was desperate for answers until she discovered Women’s College Ho


Laura Kelly’s Story

Having lost so many loved ones to cancer, Laura became determined to live a long life. That’s

kostuck family

The Kostuck Family’s Story

Just after Christmas 2014, Henry Kostuck received the difficult news that he had developed skin canc

Nicole outside in the sun

Nicole Abi-Najem’s Story

“The health gap for me felt more like a chasm, this gaping void where I could not see the end;

Diane in a chair

Diane Birch’s Story

“You need a hospital, you go to Women’s College. I feel very well taken care of.” When Dia


Elana Trainoff’s Story

At the age of 40, Elana didn’t expect to experience a full-blown heart attack. Thanks to WCH,