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The Power Family

The Power Family’s Story

Three generations live to share their story Stephanie Power is the first woman in her family to grow


Katie Osler’s Story

Katie finds in WCH a space that feels “really intimate, protected and safe.” In a master


Rodger & Joann McLennan’s Story

Women’s health matters to the McLennans. “At Women’s College, they care for whole fami


Sharon Newman’s Story

Fifteen days after Sharon Newman was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was a survivor crediting WCH

Lori Sylman

Lori Sylman’s Story

After suffering 44 years with migraines, Lori was finally able to find a healthcare provider at WCH

Samson & Helen

Samson & Helen’s Story

Finding courage and hope at the Crossroads Clinic Dr. Meb Rashid was knee-deep in day-end paperwork

Ken Yip-Hoi

Ken Yip-Hoi’s Story

“As long as Women’s College Hospital is here, I’m here.” Four months ago, Ken Yi

Caroline Noakes

Caroline Noakes’s Story

Facing cancer at age 29, Caroline credits WCH not only for her recovery, but also her new outlook on


Kathleen Mulheron’s Story

Kathleen and George create a powerful legacy of support for generations to come Close to 100 times,


Hamila Lotfi’s Story

“It’s so important to help patients take control and get their lives back.” Thinking b