Robyn Mercado’s Story

Robyn knew she’d do whatever it took to be there for her young daughter.

After watching her mother pass away from breast cancer, Robyn Mercado knew she’d do whatever it took to reduce her own risk so she could be there for her young daughter.

Both her mom and sister had been diagnosed with melanoma and breast cancer, and Robyn herself had been diagnosed with melanoma; she knew she could be the next one to receive a breast cancer diagnosis.

Working with her care team at Women’s College Hospital, Robyn made the decision to undergo a double mastectomy – virtually eliminating her risk of developing the disease.

Grateful to her care team for their incredible support throughout her journey, Robyn decided to make a special gift in their honour. She also shared a moving letter expressing her gratitude for the care she received at Women’s College Hospital during one of the most overwhelming times of her life. 

How does one begin to thank and express gratitude to the most exceptional human beings on earth? From my scary first visit to the 5th floor of WCH in July 2015 up until now, there has never been a moment where I haven’t received anything but the best care imaginable.

I have been treated with empathy, compassion, kindness and professionalism by each and every one of my care team members, and I would not have reached this point without them all.

I am reminded how lucky I am to have made this decision with such great guidance and input, before it could have become a life or death situation.

The exemplary care you provide, your long, gruelling hours, your dedication to saving lives and giving people their lives back… You are committed to the greatest cause. 

With my utmost respect and gratitude, Robyn Mercado

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