The Power Family’s Story

Three generations live to share their story

Stephanie Power is the first woman in her family to grow up with a grandmother. In every previous generation, breast cancer had stolen the Power women before they could know the joy of loving their children’s children.

That cycle is over now, thanks to Women’s College Hospital’s Familial Cancer Research Unit and innovations in breast cancer surgery. Over the past 18 years, Stephanie, her mother Michele and her grandmother Gail have all tested positive for the BRCA1 genetic mutation and have all opted for life-saving preventive surgery.

And all had the same surgeon: Dr. John Semple, WCH’s surgeon-in-chief, who has seen research breakthroughs at Women’s College Hospital make grandmothers out of women who previously would have died early of hereditary cancers.

Women’s College Hospital no longer brings babies into the world, but Dr. Semple happily says the hospital is now delivering grandmothers and inter-generational joy – instead of devastating news – to generations of women like Stephanie, Michele and Gail.

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