The Future of Sex and Gender in Health Care Is Here

Fuelled by donor support, Women’s College Hospital (WCH) is set to open Canada’s first national centre dedicated to integrated sex, gender and reproductive health services –– a major milestone that will mark a new era for sex and gender in health care.

“Too often, sex and gender are missing from conversations about an individual’s health care,” says Jack Woodman, WCH’s vice president of strategy, quality, risk, and privacy. “Yet we know that sex and gender can directly influence an individual’s health, well-being and unique care needs –– whether that’s related to contraceptive care, trans health care, gynecological care, mental health care and beyond.”   

With a focus on offering safe, inclusive care for women and trans, gender-diverse, or intersex individuals across their lifespan, the new Sex, Gender, and Reproductive Health (SGRH) Centre will deliver new or enhanced services in areas like sexual function, menopause care, early pregnancy loss, abortion care and more.

Building on the existing range of SGRH services available at WCH, the centre will leverage the hospital’s strengths in research, education, community partnerships and advocacy to address this critical gap in the health care system: a lack of health services that take sex and gender into account, rather than treating sex and gender as a separate issue.

As a first step toward launching the new centre, the hospital is expanding its existing services in areas like abortion care and launching innovative research projects to better understand how health needs differ based on an individual’s sex and gender identity.  

“Ultimately, our goal is to create a national centre of excellence where patients across the gender spectrum can receive SGRH services in a safe, integrated and inclusive manner throughout their lives. At this stage in our evolution as a hospital and academic centre, we are ready to move towards the next era of sex and gender in healthcare.”

Jack Woodman, WCH’s vice president of strategy, quality, risk, and privacy

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