Welcome Dr. Rulan Parekh, Vice President, Academics, WCH

From the Foundation and donor community, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Rulan Parekh, our new Vice President of Academics. Dr. Parekh will also hold an appointment as full-time faculty in Women’s College Hospital’s Department of Medicine, University of Toronto, initiate nephrology clinics at WCH, and maintain her clinical paediatric practice at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Dr. Parekh will play a pivotal role in helping to usher in a new era of Academics at Women’s College Hospital. Under her leadership, we will continue to build back better through implementing and coordinating a Learning Health System. With existing expertise in implementation science, evaluation and academic excellence, Women’s College Hospital is uniquely positioned to act as a leader in this field. A Learning Health System approach will enable us to enhance patient care and put research into practice across the hospital, providing our teams with real-time feedback. As an organization founded on forward-thinking healthcare, we have and will continue to act as leaders in implementing new and bold ideas.

As the only woman of colour leading research at one of Canada’s top research hospitals and the first woman of colour to lead research, education and innovation at Women’s College, Dr. Parekh will also play a vital role in helping us shape strategies to advance health equity. A diversity of perspectives generates better research, education and innovation – producing better and more accessible patient care. Women’s College will continue to foster the next generation of health researchers and clinicians, focusing on supporting and helping to advance those from underrepresented communities.

We’re thrilled to have Dr. Parekh join the team and excited to welcome her to Women’s College Hospital.