Women for Women’s 2024: Over $6.5M raised!  

On Thursday, March 7, a sold-out event of over 900 guests gathered at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to celebrate Women’s College Hospital’s 140th anniversary, and International Women’s Day. The event, Women for Women’s 2024, was presented by KPMG. 

For Women’s College Hospital’s 140th anniversary, our goal was to raise $140,000 in the room during a  “fund a need” moment hosted by Layne the Auctionista. Guest enthusiasm rose as they watched their collective philanthropy also rise in real time. We are thrilled that sponsors and guests provided a record breaking $900,000 to support the work of the Hospital! 

This year we celebrate an incredible milestone, as this annual event has raised over $6 million since its inception in 2011. Donor and participant support has fueled the Hospital’s greatest and most urgent priority needs including clinical care, education, research, and innovation. To our guests, supporters, and sponsors, thank you for making a tangible impact on our hospital, and our healthcare system. 


Attendees heard from cancer-survivor, Joan Walker, who shared her story of being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. After becoming frustrated navigating a system of broken machines, long wait times and endless referrals, Joan found refuge at Women’s College Hospital. 

“The beauty of me being at Women’s College Hospital was the rapid access I had to the system. This system minimizes the stress of waiting for days for results. I was in the care of healthcare practitioners who were showering me with care and empathy.”

Joan Walker

Joan’s story is living proof of the transformative impact in one’s healthcare journey and alleviate the pressure on our stressed healthcare system in Canada — an area where Women’s College Hospital has tremendous expertise. 


This year, The Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain, C.C., O.N.B. was presented with the 2024 Womens’s Trailblazer Award, in recognition of her tremendous work for Women’s College Hospital Foundation and our hospital. 

Mrs. McCain has been a generous supporter and former Foundation Board member, as well as a member of the WCHF Advisory Council. She has served as a member of the Foundation’s 100 Women initiative, convening philanthropists committed to driving bold change for the future of healthcare.   

The award was presented by Carol Cowan-Levine, recipient of the 2022 Women’s Trailblazer Award.   


This year’s luncheon featured engaging talks from Women’s College Hospital leaders who explored two vital and topical issues affecting women’s health – menopause and chronic pain. 

“The Facts and Fiction of Menopause”

Dr. Iliana Lega and Dr. Sheila Wijayasinghe dove into “The Facts and Fiction of Menopause,” explaining how the silence and stigma around this natural life stage has caused myths and misunderstandings about what’s “normal” and what’s not during menopause. This Doc Talk was generously sponsored by TD Securities.

Dr. Sheila Wijayasinghe, Dr. Iliana Lega

“Rethinking, and Relieving, Chronic Pain”

Dr. Tania Di Renna’s talk, “Rethinking, and Relieving, Chronic Pain,” she explored the healthcare system’s historical disposition towards women and their pain, provided critical information on how to understand pain, dispel myths around the idea of “gendered issues,” and provide advice on how we might put out the fire that is pain. This Doc Talk was generously sponsored by Medavie.

Dr. Tania Di Renna

“We cannot keep normalizing pain in women. Being born female does not mean that you should be in pain, that you should suffer any more than anyone else. We have to invest in research and care that caters to us.”

Dr. Tania Di Renna 


Thank you to the Women for Women’s committee, sponsors, corporate partners, supporters, guests and everyone who helped make this year’s Women for Women’s an incredible success. Supporting Women’s College Hospital in its ongoing commitment to move the dial forward in women’s health would not be possible without donors, advocates and allies like you! 

Thank you to KPMG for 13 years of dedication to our mission and vision of creating a more equitable healthcare system for women. 

Thank you to the LCBO for your many years of support. This year we are celebrating over $10M provided by LCBO patrons for Women’s College Hospital. 


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Join us in 2025 

Our next annual Women for Women’s fundraiser in support of Women’s College Hospital will take place the week of International Women’s Day 2025. Stay tuned for more updates.