Women Leaders Q&A: Silvia Montefiore

We connected with several prominent women leaders in Canada to hear their thoughts on women in the workplace, women’s health, and why they support Women for Women’s.

Meet Silvia Montefiore, Canadian Managing Partner in Business Enablement and Operations, KPMG.

My name is Silvia Montefiore, and I am KPMG’s Canadian Managing Partner in Business Enablement and Operations. I am a member of KPMG’s Management Committee and have been at the firm for 34 years. I lead enablement support for Finance, Procurement & Real Estate, Human Resources, Information Technology and Office of the Partner. I also serve on the Board of the Women’s College Hospital Foundation.

How do you think the pandemic has changed the landscape for women in the workforce – particularly at a leadership level?

Research has shown that women at all levels have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. They have juggled increased responsibilities as mothers, caregivers, and spouses, while also leading the way in their professional roles to manage through the pandemic, a competitive talent market, and supply chain shortages.

How does your company help to create equity for women in the workplace?

At KPMG we recognize the contribution of women and girls around the world, who are leading the charge to build a more sustainable future for all. Our team is passionate about inclusion, diversity, and equity, as well as building allyship. We have been on a journey to create a more inclusive and equitable environment by setting clear goals, holding ourselves accountable, investing in the next generation, developing innovative long-term plans, and building allyship.

Why are you raising your voice for women’s health at Women for Women’s?

To support women, we need to begin with healthcare because everything stems from health and wellbeing. Women’s College Hospital has a history of leading the way – whether with ground-breaking innovation and revolutionizing healthcare, to breaking down barriers to provide care for all women and giving all women a voice. WCH helps to level the playing field for women, in particular women from underserved communities. Supporting women is a support for our communities.

To join the movement to revolutionize healthcare with KPMG at Women for Women’s, visit: womenforwomens.ca