Women’s Health Collective Canada (WHCC)

Women make up more than half the population of Canada, and yet the picture of women’s health remains incomplete. It takes 17 years for clinical research to filter down to medical practice, but women have only been included in trials for the last 20 years. Despite decades of progress in science, our unique health needs continue to be misdiagnosed, misrepresented and misunderstood.

Women’s Health Collective Canada (WHCC) is a strategic alliance founded by Women’s College Hospital Foundation (WCHF), along with BC Women’s Health Foundation and Alberta Women’s Health Foundation. As the country’s leading women’s health and hospital foundations, WHCC’s goal is to raise awareness and funds for equity in women’s health research through unified advocacy across Canada.

This intentional collaboration allows WCHF to access resources and fundraising to address the wider gaps we can’t tackle on our own. This encompasses everything from funding medical research that addresses the unique needs of women, to raising awareness on the gender health gap and dispelling misconceptions about women’s health.

WHCC’s network of researchers, scientists and healthcare professionals are working hard every day to bring life-changing data and care to Canadian women.

Together, we can help provide equitable care for women everywhere.

A special thank you to Shoppers Drug Mart for their continued support and allyship in creating higher standards of care for every woman, with their generous commitment of $10,000. Thank you, Shoppers Drug Mart!

To learn more about WHCC and its mission, values, and partners, please visit their website.